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We are distributor for crack fill produced by Roadworks. We are able to supply both hot and cold pour to support your crack filling needs.


RW 306R is a high performance hot applied polymer modified, recycled rubber asphalt crack sealant. It is formulated to provide a resilient, firm, fast curing sealant ideally suited for use on asphalt and concrete pavements in warm and hot climates. RW 306R is supplied in a solid form which are then melted. In its molten state it has excellent flow properties ensuring total penetration of the cracks without voids or air pockets.
Coastal Pavement Products, Inc. carries affordable products to meet all of your needs.

Seal The Deal with Emulsified Armor Top Sealant from Western Colloid.


Coastal Pavement Products, Inc. distributes Armor Top Sealant manufactured by Western Colloid. Armor Top is designed with high non-volatile content and very low wet tack abrasion to provide a long lasting durable surface. Armor Top is blended with specially formulated epoxy-modified acrylic resins for superior protection and additional weather proofing components to the wearing course. The manufacturing process is free all harsh chemical emulsifiers and diesel fuel cutback. The product is produced only sing the greenest, environmentally and eco-conscious pavement protection products available.

If you service tennis courts, we have the coating. We are the distributor of Plexipave form California Sports Surfaces.

Plexsipave Systems are formulated to meet the requirements of players at any level. From grand slam event like the Australian Open to recreational competitions, player can rely on the consistency of Plexipave. Plexipave offers a variety of textures to meet the different pace ratings of the international tennis federation (ITF). The Authorized Applicators of the Plexipave System provide a world-wide network of well trained and independent installers. These installers work closely with the technical staff at Plexipave to ensure adherence to the specifications of the desired Court Pace Rating (CPR).

Coastal Pavement Products, Inc. will distribute SS-1H “Tack”.

SS-1H is an anionic slow setting asphalt emulsion designed for use as a tack coat, in fine grading mixes, dust control, fog seal and specialty applications. It is formulated with a harder base (lower penetration) than the SS-1 for use in warmer climates.
SS-1H Emulsion is used for a variety of purposes. Slow setting emulsions are the most stable of emulsions and generally can be diluted with water and mixed with mineral filters and aggregates for all paving uses. The air and pavement temperature at construction should be sufficiently high to allow the emulsion to fully cure. DOT states that no asphalt binders should be applied during rain or imminent threat of rain.

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